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Colonial Dress - Styles of the 1700's

In the early days, American clothing was functional rather than fashionable. Clothing in 18th century USA was made from rough, native fibers - wool, cotton, hemp or flax - and, unless one could afford to hire a tailor, were fashioned by hand.

Men wore knee britches and hose (stockings), although by the end of the century long pants were beginning to make an appearance. Tri cornered hats and powdered wigs were worn by the rich and aristocracy.

Learn More:The Memorial Hall Museum's American Collection features a great multimedia presentation on colonial men's and women's clothing in early and late 18th century US, with authentic images and descriptions of the customary attire, shown layer by layer.

18th century finery, revolutionary war uniforms, famous figures from early American history, and simple colonial outfits. A few more 18th century costumes can be found on the deluxe costumes pages. Pilgrim costumes can be found on the 17th Century page.

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