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10 Most Popular Historic -Style Halloween Costumes, 2016:

1 - Pirates & Wenches Whether authentic or sexy, plundering pirates and wicked pirate wenches still top the list! more pirate and piratess costumes

2 - Naughty Marie Antoinette - The sexy baroque babe costume is a surprise bestseller. There's even a licensed Playboy™ edition. [More 17th century costumes. ]

3 - Medusa - Those snaky locks just scream "Halloween"!

4 - Gothic Victorian - Scary vampires, ghostly gothic ladies. [more victorian costumes]

5 - Toga, Toga
Ancient history is #5 on the list. Greek and Roman gods and goddesses, emperors, gladiators and egyptian queens. [more greek and roman costumes]

6 - Flappers and Gangsters
The roaring 20's are a perennial favorite, making #6 on our list [more costumes from the 20's and 30's]

7 - Samurais and Geishas - Elaborate costumes from ancient Japan.

8 - Medieval Magic
Evil jesters, evil queens, a racy robin hood. [more medieval / renaissance costumes]

9 - Ooh-la-la!
Can you say "can-can?" Sexy, costumes inspired by the Moulin Rouge.

10 - 20th century pop culture - Last but not least, retro costumes from the 50's, 60's, 70's and 80's. See the individual pages for each decade.


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