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Think black, white and red ...

Perhaps no other artist was as representative of the 80's music scene as the late Michael Jackson, aka the King of Pop. Bold, theatrical song and dance productions like Beat It, Thriller and Billie Jean ushered in the age of the music video, and his clothing styles were adopted and copied by fans and performers alike.

Michael Jackson's unique look stands out in our memories through the outfits worn in his most famous videos - the red leather jacket from Beat It, the red jacket and pants from Thriller, the black ensemble from Billie Jean and the totally ba-a-a-d black buckles upon buckles worn in Bad. And always the single, sequined white glove which was his trademark. Capture the look with officially licensed costumes.

Did you know : The spoken part of "Thriller" was narrated by horror-movie veteran actor Vincent Price, who first appeared in the 1939 Boris Karloff film Tower of London. Later he starred or co-starred in House of Wax and House on Haunted Hill. Price may be best known for his 60's adaptations of Edgar Allen Poe classics, like The Pit and the Pendulum and House of Usher ... or his stint on TV as the Batman villan, Egghead.

Want to learn to dance like Michael Jackson? You can Learn to Moonwalk - in just over 2 minutes, or Learn the Thriller Dance,, in a comprehensive, 40 part video clip series teaches the entire dance from the Thriller video.

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