Period Costumes - Summer, 2016

Renaissance & Medieval Fairs

renaissance coupleCome to the Faire! Summer is the season for Renaissance Fairs - Peasants, wenches, knights and nobility- now's the time to get the best selection of costumes or stock up on doublets, bodices, hose, hats, shoes and other accessories.

Need some finishing touches for a costume you already have? Browse for authentic hats, wigs, boots and shoes to complete the look!

Patriotic Holidays

revolutionary war reenactmentAnother summer tradition - patriotic holidays and military reenactments.

Check out colonial, revolutionary and civil war era costumes and accessories for any occasion!

Retro 20th Century Costumes

hippie costumesIt's a blast from the past as we revisit the 1900's! Bright-colored minidresses, mod and hippie outfits from the 60's, flappers from the 20's, poodle skirts and leather jackets from the 50's, disco attire from the 70's, fishnet, glovelets, lycra, lace and leg warmers from the 80's, and all the accessories to go with them, like hats, platform shoes, go-go boots, big hair, afro and mullet wigs!


Upcoming events and holidays:
July 4 - Independence Day
September 6 - Labor Day

Storybook Costumes - Medieval and More

renaissance faerieWicked queens and Renaissance faeries, Alice in Wonderland, Cinderella and Snow White - the look of these familiar characters, is inspired by the attire of the 16th to 19th centuries, when most of these stories were written. We thought they were so special, we've given them a home of their own. Stop by for hundreds of  fairy tale costumes for adults and children, related accessories, fairy tale trivia and more!


Pet Costumes

Need a historic or Halloween costume for your dog? A Tri corner hat for your cat? Visit our sister site, for a great selection of awesome pet costumes!

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